Cosmopolitan Wellness Spa

Cosmopolitan Wellness Spa is a venture of Cosmopolitan Hydrotherapy and Wellness Systems to harmonise the body mind and soul of an individual,under one roof. That,s why our slogan is BODY, MIND SOUL – IN HARMONY. It is 21st century approach to wellness. It is entirely modern approach to healing, rooted in ancient wisdom with science as well as art of water therapy – working in unison, to allow you to take charge of of your own physical, mental and emotional well being. The Cosmopolitan Wellness Spa philosophy encompasses all aspects of your life – Asian and Western Spa Therapies, Exercise, Diet, Yoga, Meditation and Counselling.

Cosmopolitan Wellness Spa is the largest in North India, in terms of gross area and functional or operational area as well. The rooms are so spacious that it contains all the modalities like Steam, Sauna, Shower and Ultra Modern Jacuzzis in every individual room. The ultra modern Jacuzzis are ergonomically designed for the comfort of your body, has power pro-jets delivers perfect mixture of water and air on the deep tissues of your body to relax and revitalize your mind and body.